Friday, November 25, 2011

Pre-Turkey Ride: the Napa Hills

There's no question that I love food...  Maintaining a 180lb frame while riding a bike 500-800 miles a month is not achieved easily.  It shouldn't surprise anyone then that my favorite holiday of the year is Thanksgiving and my goal is to consume ample quantities of every tasty dish available.  In order to build an appetite I decided to make the 61 mile trek from Woodland to Napa on my road bike.  It was a cloudy and chilly day but dry roads kept it safe and gave me enough daylight to snap a few photos before my iPhone battery zeroed out completely:

Putah Creek Road - looking out at the hills between Napa and myself

Putah Creek and the Lake Berryessa Dam

Putah Creek using a reflection edit

Lake Berryessa Dam - end of climb #1 of 3 on the day

Vineyards of Wooden Valley

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