Saturday, December 17, 2011

Saturday Davis Wheel Works Race Ride

For those of you that aren't avid cyclists and/or locals to the Davis/Sacramento Area - the Saturday, Davis Wheel Works Race Ride is one of the best "race-prep-workouts" around.  A 58 mile group ride with 2 marked sprints and 3 small climbs in-between, the group size can vary between 20-60 fine-tuned endurance athletes.  The group is diverse with a few continental pros, several local 2's and dozens of serious 3's, 4's and 5's trying to get ahead in their training.  Today's ride was a cold one with a 38 degree start and fog to add to the chill:
38 and fog feels about like 20

At base camp (Wheel Works), about to get whistled at by our ride captain Alan Rowland

Debut of my new Fizik Saddle with "versus" technology, helps save the boys on a long ride

I'm a huge believer in fatter/beefier tires for winter workouts - these 25mm wide Conti 4-Seasons do the trick nicely

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