Thursday, December 29, 2011

THE American River

There are two extremely nice advantages to the location of my office - 1) a mid-level racquet club & gym about 300 ft door to door and 2) the American River Bike Trail about a quarter mile from our parking lot. The American River Bike Trail offers a 31 mile (one-way) reprieve from auto-traffic which connects Discovery Park and Folsom Lake.
Having this picturesque trail so close allows me and some buddies the regular opportunity to squeeze in a "lunch ride."  Today I was rolling solo which gave me a chance to snap a few photos at my turnaround point about 20 miles from work.  There's a pretty good chance there will be more iPhone pics from this and similar routes along the trail.

Mile 20 - turnaround point at Sunrise Blvd.
Kids were out feeding the ducks... and the geese, and the seagulls, and the pigeons
After taking a closer look at the previous picture you'll see Salmon season is officially over

My view of the new cockpit at ride's end: now rocking the Garmin Edge 500 so I can track about everything on a ride

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