Monday, April 30, 2012

Margaritas and Racing; Not at the Same Time...

Since moving to Sacramento Lisa and I have enjoyed a few bike rides within the city, most recently to Ernesto's for some Mexican Food and killer margaritas (notice I didn't say killer Mexican Food).  Our town bikes were great for getting around and are finally going to get their proper use...
The other big bike-related news in the last few months is that I've finally obtained my Category 3 upgrade.  I'm excited to be racing at a new level and hope I can hold my own...  The new TT bike below should hopefully help in the race against the clock...

Lisa's Electra and my Surly parked outside of Ernesto's for Friday Night Margaritas in Downtown Sacramento
The new Time Trial Bike - built for speed, not for turning
All the gear ready to be packed up after a tough ride at Wente Vineyards Road Race in Livermore, CA - about  40th place out of 70 guys or so, rough day, and a lot of climbing...
Everyone talks about how dangerous bike racing is, and it is definitely dangerous - this little guy seems to help though

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My New SacTown Commute

Well, the last few months have been quite busy to say the least.  One of the things taking my time was our recent move to the Land Park area of Sacramento.  This has cut my bicycle commute to work from 23 miles down to 5.25 miles each way.  The greatest part about the commute is that about 75% of it takes place on the bike trail, making for peaceful and picturesque ride...  The time of year is perfect in Northern California to start biking to work on a regular basis so hopefully I'll have more to come, I hope you enjoy the following:

Sacramento's "Tower Bridge" painted "49er Gold"
Well, at least 2 out of 3 of these options are tempting this time of year...
The Surly has been converted back to my commuter - downtown Sac in the background...

Monday, January 9, 2012

January Base Miles

The December and January weather thus far has been ridiculously great for racking up serious off-season base miles.  Here's a few photos from my recent rides where I tried to play with a few new apps and processes, I hope you enjoy:
The mossy trees of the coastal foothills basking in the sun of January

My take on "seeing red" as I crest the top of the Cantelow Rd. climb - via Posterize app

A view of the Sacramento Valley from the top of Cantelow Rd. Climb - great visibility today
Teammates Carson and Bruce just after I've pulled off the front, with blurred vision incurred